What is the difference between a square flange and an angle flange valve?

The angled flange has a two-degree angle on the flange enabling the valve to hang down slightly to improve dumping and drainage (see below), while a squared flange allows the valve to sit perpendicular to the tank.



If my tank is slightly curved how does the valve mount?

We offer a mating installation tube, our part number 105090 to weld into your tank.  This mating tube is available in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction. Our valve then bolts on to the flange of the installation tube.


Is there a manual override for electric and air valves?

Yes there is.

For top controlled Valves simply pull the 2 snap pins to remove the electric actuator or air cylinder and replace handle; the destaco clamp is now locking the Valve shut.

The side controlled Valve also has a manual override.  To release or remove the automation, pull safety override pin and manually push valve handle to open.

I have an old valve and want to upgrade to either stainless or new style 1050 series valve, will the valve fit into my opening?

Yes, our bolt pattern has never changed on our valves.

What is the overall length of the valve with a telescoping chute?

The length on a standard 24” valve is a total of 56” when #4036 is fully extended from where the valve mounts to the tank. As a rule of thumb, if we cut off 1” on the valve length you will lose 2” additional off the length of the telescoping chute, 20” valves with #4036-54 would be 44” when extended, and 16” valve with a #4036-54 would extend 32” from tank.

I have a compartment; do you build special length valves?

Yes, we can move the controls further away from the tank and build the valve to customer specifications.  Call for length restrictions & specification order sheet – state if ordering for a top or side controlled Valve.

I have a side control valve and it is hard to hold open, what can I do?

We offer two (2) options to make holding the valve open easier. Our Part #105070, is a lock open device.  The 105070 is designed to hold the valve open when in the fully open position. We also offer, our part #106016-1, which is a telescoping handle.  This device offers better leverage in opening or closing the dump valves. Both of these items can be purchased as original equipment or added to an existing Newton Kwik Dump Valve.


What can I do if my valve leaks?

The first thing to check for is any rust or debris in your tank, not allowing the neoprene to seal up against the rim of the valve. Check if your neoprene is cut or damaged. Check if your bearing is damaged. Always lock the valve shut when your tanker is empty. Failure to do this will result in damage to the bearing. Do not allow the valve to slam shut, as this can also cause damage to the neoprene.

What can I do if my 1010 style valve leaks?

After checking as suggested above - the bearing is slotted and can be raised or lowered to increase tension on the neoprene seal. Also you can give the piston a half turn. If you still have leakage call for technical assistance.

What can I do if my 1050 style valve leaks?

After checking as suggested above - the bearing is slotted and can be moved to the left or right to increase tension on the neoprene seal. Tighten or loosen ¼-20 nylon locknuts, do not over tighten and bend plates. The brass is slotted and must slide freely. If you still have leakage call for technical assistance.


I have a valve that is already mounted, how do i know if it is a plunger or gate style valve?

Note the location of the brass shaft and bearing assembly.



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